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A brand new Murder Mystery by Jon Hewitt called Pantomaim based around a murder at a panto audition.  As usual everyone has a motive and no one is confessing, so it is up to lisping Detective Inspector Rilley to solve the case.  The character list is as follows; 

Rose Bush - Landscape Gardener.  Mother of Tim.  She married after Tim was born, hence the different surname. 

Lynn Seed - Runs the family Hardware store. 

Hazel Nutt - Runs the health food shop.  She is Musical Director.

Ryan Carnation - Local undertaker.  Director of the panto. 

Owen Monie - Bank Manager. 

Biff Wellington - Local family butcher. 

Pete Bull - Local dog warden, 

Tim Burr - Tree surgeon. Son of Rose.

Detective Inspector Rilley - Can’t pronounce his R’s!

We are a small group of talented enthusiasts who decided to pool our experience to entertain the local Cambridgeshire population.  Between us we have accumulated many years of singing and playing in choirs and local choral societies.

Last year we performed our latest Murder Mystery called Pantomaim.  It is based around a murder at a Panto Audition.  Wonder where our talented writer Jon Hewitt got the idea for that one from?

We have just completed our third original Pantomime on  18th and 19th January 2014.  This year we performed Little Red Riding Hood written by our own David Turner.  The story involved young Scarlet Riding (known as Red to her friends) and her group The Hoodies,  who plan to take part in the local talent show.  Hopefully  the big bad wolf, who has been terrorising the village won't spoil everyone's plans.  The show was packed full of jokes and songs and we hope our audience agreed that it was great entertainment for all ages.

The performances took place at Cambourne Village College.  We are pleased to be one of the first outside groups to perform at this new venue.  

Thank you to everyone in Cambourne who supported us in this production and our January 2013 production of Snow White & the Seven Blokes. Please check our Gallery page for performance photos and feedback.


Are you thinking of holding an event? We can perform a Murder Mystery Night for your group at a very reasonable charge. We are happy to perform for various clubs and societies and the evening can be combined with other fund rasing activities. Please visit our Contact Us page for more information. 

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